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The success is something that all we waited for when creating a new company, to grow the present company, and also as person. But, what really means to be successful? Although, for all it has a concept and a form to be moderate. Nowadays, we think that the success is something that is moderate simply with numbers, gains, with money, measure it comparing our profits with those of the others, which the only thing that it generates is stress because when comparing itself with somebody more never you will be thinking about which you achieve or the success that you have, but in which the others see that you reach or that you project. 

The success does not have to be something measurable, not necessarily, coverall when we spoke of the success in the businesses or, on the other hand, the success in the life. And as we mentioned, every one has a different perception than it means to be successful, nevertheless there are different advice or tips to help you to reach that you are looking for, independent of if after you the success is to make what you like, make more money, to let grow your company, really is several things that you can make to approach you more the top, whatever this one is.

In the today article I am going to tell to them of a method that I in the personnel, believe that he is indispensable for the growth, personal as as much professional, and is the one always to continue learning.

Sometimes we thought that the formation is finished as soon as the schellostic stage as preparatory or the university finishes, nevertheless, I I think that most important it comes later, since it is when one focuses in detail in which we want to reach or to where we want to arrive. 

Always there is something new that we can learn, something in which to improve, new abilities and doubts that we have, for that reason is that most important to follow this advice always to continue learning it is to have the will and the curiosity to do it. Not only to think about a subject that we want to learn and that it remains in a list of €œalready will be later€, we must clear that odd habit to us to postpone all these things as if they were something extra, because they are not it, to learn is a characteristic for which all the people we must make a place in our life.

I believe that many people when we spoke to continue learning think that she implies returning to study in some institution or to commit themselves per years to a same subject, but she is not it, since we can learn new things in courses of up to one hour, or reading, investigating, until the simple fact to interest us in a subject and search a little the same she helps us to grow as people and profesionistas

We have a great aspect to our favor that does impossible to put an excuse in not being learning continuously and is that nowadays there are infinite resources of almost any subject that we can be imagined, from a traditional book, to courses in line, podcasts, videos, and most incredible it is than many of these courses offer a certification or a diploma to us, which serves to us so that our curriculum always is growing and has much more relevance and it helps us to obtain the work that we want or simply it helps to grow the company of which already we comprised.

It is understandable that sometimes we feel suspended in something, with brake, limitation and that these makes us put a pause to him to our goals and objectives and to even cause that we resign to them, for that reason is important the will. Perhaps clear that it is listened to easy, some of us we do not have a will as hard as others, but he is the interesting thing of this, the will is something that can be trained.

The way in which I advise to them that they fortify his will to always learn something new or to study, to investigate, etc. are the one to begin with small goals in our day to day. Probably we can begin with one hour to spent week 100% to learn, coming off to us any thing that is distractora and thus little by little to increase the days in which we spent that hour for the learning, soon to increase the hours. And to really cause that this new aspect becomes part from our life and part of our routine, so that when we do it is in vain and having our organized time not to neglect either none of our other activities.

€œIt develops the passion to learn, if it beams never you stopped growing.€

Anthony J.D'Angelo

Relief Web And Design

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March 23, 2020