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This worldwide movement that has been created from the pandemic, has put in judgment fabric everything what normally we know, and this time I want to comment to them to the enterprise subject and of businesses specifically.

This subject of #quedateencasa has provoked to the smaller possible interaction between people but we know that we cannot stop realising certain activities reason why the majority of the vps hosting company had to accelerate their integration to average digitalises, to something that surely the businessmen or knew but to the being €œa new€ process or stranger for many usually there is many doubts and much fear when happening to the execution.

This transition generated a very important change in the behavior of the campaigns and announcements generated for digital means and platforms, (to the salary more investment and more navigation on the part of the users by all means that must have a change); clear that these movements are positive or negative according to the category of the businesses.

For example, entertainment platforms increased their yield until in a 102% (as Netflix) and campaigns for pharmaceutical companies, of health, fitness, stationery store even increased until in a 20% their conversions. By the opposite side, it negatively affects to products and services of industries as the trips and the construction, that are practically prisoners, and his announcements between the 20 and 50% with smaller reach, click and by all means interaction.

  1. If you are a professional dedicated to the unlimited hosting management and elaboration of campaigns in social networks and Google, surely already is to you account that are some changes in several aspects in the platforms:
  2. Messages of warning on the time of revision of the announcements, which affects the publication and the changes that you realise in active campaigns.
  3. Increase in the costs of conversions with smaller reach.

Less click and less conversions.

There are good aspects and bad in all the situations, nevertheless we do not forget that any problem can be an opportunity, we take advantage of these changes to realise an analysis on the development of the businesses and as being able to include emergent public and lines, as applying these changes to our campaigns to take advantage of this increase in investments using correctly each number in the investment, is moment for evaluating 🙂
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March 23, 2020