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One of the most important aspects at the time of undertaking a new business is the place where it is going to be our company, the visibility that is going to have in front of the possible buyers, for that reason often we tried that the showcase of our businesses is in a concurred avenue or perhaps in a very good location within some shopping mall. The strategies in Internet do not vary much to the physical world, we also looked for to have the best position in Google, to be within the first places search is similar to be present in some of the main avenues of your city or in the best shopping mall, where everybody locates to you fast and you are in view of all the buyers.

2020 for us are a year of challenges, we decided to open Relief in the City of and in this publication I want to tell you how we have managed to obtain ours first 3 great clients in only 28 days.

The immediate thought that to all entrepreneur worries to him is €œthe competition€ being one of main the cities with technological development of the information was not going to be simple to emphasize in front of the competing leaders of the region, nevertheless we have developed a strategy based on emphasizing our unique supply of value, this one is the key to open new businesses in other regions, in agreement is telling our experience to you, I ask to you that you are imagining how you can apply these actions in your business and of obtaining a great result.

We go direct to which it interests to us How to undertake in 2020?

  1. Your service stars is your secret weapon

    Focus to you in offering what better beams or the product that offer majors benefits, that will be point of the spear to open the market.
    In our case, we are an agency that very offers variable services as it photographs, videos, graphical design, publicity etc. The service star that we chose to open market was the development of webpages, we only concentrated in that service, you will be being been asking why not to offer everything what beams, you are losing opportunities? the strategy that we used to penetrate the market of was completely digital, the recommendation to obtain it is: It develops a text with great content of value, this text you must use it in your page of home, must focus a 80% of the writing in this product or service stars, the other 20% leaves it for other services, this way Google is going to recognize the key words star that you are using, Czech the Home Page of our page, is immediately clear the service that we offer: Webpages .
    It remembers that the development of this text is going to be the key for your position in Google.

  2. It improves your image, I know disruptive

    We are competing every time with more and more companies, how you are going away to distinguish? that is the challenge, my recommendation: I know disruptive.
    I have a very good example that we do in Relief, Hugo, our mercad³logo, constantly raises histories our networks, it has been creating a disruptive character that dresses bun, braces and it are expressed of a very accidental way, catching the attention of new clients and followers, it arrives the point where they begin it to associate with the Relief brand and that is the new publicity, the people no longer want to see brands, the people want to see who is behind the brands, animates being disruptive.

    Hugo Mercad³logo in Relief  Webpages

  3. It takes care of fast, I know first and I know the last one

    This one strategy is 100% effective one; immediately that a client contacts to you you must approach it right away since possibly the client has quoted in different places and not yet she has a reference clear to differentiate to the companies with whom she has spoken and its reference more hard is going to be the price, you must make you notice the sufficient thing so that the factor price is in second term, I am going to you to be sincere, we know that in Relief we are not cheapest but also we know to make us notice in such a way that when the client reflects and is on the verge of making a decision, does not say: €œah if they are cheapest€ we looked for that it says €œah if, they are those that took care of to me faster€. It is a good differentiator you don't create? , then the rapidity is a key factor in the 2020, why I mention that also you are the last one? Because after contacting a client you must let it rest and past €œx€ time you approach it again, surely one will remember you and it is when you must close the treatment. The people we remembered and the latest in many aspects first. Average terms there are many, I hope to you to have passed the idea well.

  4. Motivation, motivation and motivation

    He is what you must project, as if you were new, as if that client was first, when putting you in that mood positive immediately you change the atmosphere in whom the negotiation develops, you are going to create friendship surroundings and he will surprise the doors to you that can open to you.
    The first appointment that I had with a very great company , I arrived with 2 hours of anticipation, and because it is a master of punctuality, rather because I did not calculate well the passage, you already know, Aguascalientes it let to me customary to arrive fast at any point and had uncertainty of how much it could do of way to the new prospection, this one computational error opened the first door since it allowed to speak me without pressures with the Manager of purchases, I generated a friendship bond, gave advice me exceeds how to approach to the managers and it gave the confidence me to set out our project with greater fluidity, I understood the importance of the first contact.

Then, these are only some advice who I have put in practice and that good results have given us, a key factor to undertake a business in 2020 without a doubt is to be in Internet with a designed good webpage, at some time your page will become your better salesman and ally.

I will be raising with greater regularity tips focused the undertaking, as you never know in Relief we stopped undertaking, or with new ideas, personal or labor challenges our intention is to collaborate with the enterprising ecosystem of Aguascalientes and to be an agency that motivates and inspires to the more people to take the risk.

Thanks to read my article, surely are going to us to happen many things that will serve to us as clear learning and that we are going it to share with you.

Charli Martell
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