The Podcast as New Tool of Branding


Of general way, the more and more popular brands have been limited to sponsor podcast, having presence in them through mentions, promotions or announcements. Nevertheless, there are brands that have their own podcast. With the height of this format (some call the time sea bream of the podcast), is not surprise that this happens but the surprising thing is in how obtaining that the people really listen to them when they are those the same people who skip the announcement in YouTube or Instagram.

The Branded Podcasts or Podcast name brand not necessarily must speak of the brand in himself or its products, but offer content of value to the people. One is to count a history that generates fidelity in the public who interests to him to the brand.

You will ask yourself and how I can make a podcast with my brand? , how to cause that the people listen to my podcast? or of what I can speak in a podcast? ; surely you affirm same: my brand sells products or services that I believe that they do not take very well with that means as: fast food, make-up, electric home appliances or folders.

Although branded podcast must count a history, as it mentioned it previously, its limits are not determined by the brand, but by the objectives with the hearing and the creativity of the equipment behind its production. In order to leave it more clearly, next I will exemplify, with a podcast of a brand that all we know, how of very different and innovating ways a history can be created that catches the public and a success becomes everything and that, by consequence, helps us to achieve objectives for our brand; that is to say, a podcast name brand.

McDonald's €“ The Willow (2018)

Onion Labs and Studio@Gizmodo were the people in charge of this production used as part of a strategy name brand. Competing against more than 750 thousands podcast considered, The Sauce managed to arrive at the position #94 in top 100 from iTunes, copying the format of par excellence Serial the police podcast (2014) and recontextualiz¡ndolo in an absurd but addictive history about an absurd sauce equal and addictive to accompany nuggets by chicken.

Official image of the The podcast Willow

In 3 episodes, that were more than sufficient to become a viral phenomenon in the United States, and with a humoristic intention that starts off to retake the format of police histories or investigation of crimes, The Willow takes to us through the investigation (fictitiously, obvious) of what it was what the day left bad that McDonald's resurti³ Szechuan Willow.

In order to contextualise to those who platform a little lost, this sauce similar to the teriyaki had its appearance in 1998 to accompany to nuggets by chicken by the Small box Feliz de McDonald ' s as part by the strategy by marketing by Disney with the launching by the animated film Mul¡n, being emulated a traditional Chinese sauce. Once finished the campaign of reread yourself of Mul¡n, the sauce was retired of all the McDonald's restaurants.

Years later, the sauce was mentioned in an episode of Rick and Morty (April, 2017), causing an uproar between fans of the show that began to demand the sauce, obtaining that the American chain resurtiera Szechuan Willow by a day. McDonald's underestimated the demand of the sauce causing that fans became crazy making rows and fighting by the limited dressing (it had even hurt). Followed of this, fans joined more than 45 thousand companies in a request of demanding the conflicting condiment.

Rick and Morty Temporada 3 Episode 1

Finally, in February of 2018, the chain announced that 20 million Szechuan sauces would be available throughout the country. Personally, I believe that it was a great idea of the creative equipment as answer before the great expectation of the return of this dressing, because this podcast was sent on a par of that moment as part of a strategy name brand.

Tweet of the account of McDonald's (February, 2018)

The valuable thing of this example is not to take to us to think that we must make a podcast of comedy that makes fun of police histories since McDonald's did it, but to take to us to appreciate the disposition of a brand to break barriers being worth of resources of other industries and risking with an absurd one in the name of the innovation. With The Willow, McDonald's not only gave answer to a crisis situation, apologizing for a creative form and is transparent (instead of limiting itself to publish typical tweet or letter of excuses), but also that it generated sales and it managed to be in the top of mind of the North Americans.

It is possible to quickly mention some other cases that also have been effective as the podcast name brand Keeping You Organized (2013) of Smead (company that makes folders Manila); although it is difficult to speak of things as folders, it is relatively easy to speak of organization.

Another example is The Message (2015) of General Electric who uses science narrative fiction and deals with a group of cipher clerks who investigate mysterious transmissions and whose objective is to cause an empathy of the listeners with the brand. The second podcast of General Electric LifeAfter (2016) was created with the aim of arriving at the ears of its used futures, young that next they will have to decide where to work.

Finally, I would like to mention the case of #LIPSTORIES (2018) of Sephora, podcast that comprised of the strategy of launching of the homonymous collection in which it counts real histories of empoderadas the daily lives of and influential creative women, enterprising leaders and.

These cases, clearly it is, they are examples that had behind their creation great skill, a focused equipment and surely were not very economic. Nevertheless, we can have them as reference of which new places exist towards where to turn around when we spoke of strategies name brand and the fact that it is always possible to be continued innovating.

Branded podcasts is a good alternative to offer content that it entertains and it persuades, in opposition to invading the entertainment with announcements driving away to the people when interrupting to them the content, for which always we must consider the importance of storytelling.

In this sense, which makes cash and successful to a podcast name brand it is just like it would do it to a normal podcast; if the brand the only thing that can obtain is an announcement of half an hour, definitively it will fail, but doing it of the correct way it will have a good acceptance because the line between the entertainment and marketing becomes blurred and well we know that the publicity is more effective when it is strained in the conscious one without we realize.

In any case, and speaking of any means used for a strategy, first it is to know clearly the objectives. As far as the podcast name brand, it even is difficult to measure the impact that could cause directly in the sales or catch new clients. However, it is a good bet for another type of objectives or as part of a comprehensive strategy.

- Expensive Escotto

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