Black crows of Mazatl¡n €“ an impressive advertising strategy

Black crows of mazatlan

Doubtless one of the series more seeing in Mexico was Club of Crows, more than one we thought that he would be brilliant to have this equipment in real life because the series has had sensitivity to transmit messages to us that only the Mexicans we could understand because the mixture between soccer, comedy and family is a combination that already is in the DNA of the Mexican.

Of entrance I declare myself nevertheless as €œnonfan€ of League MX yes that I am fan of the series of Netflix and must confess mainly that Club of Crows more in one go managed to sensitize to me, in the last season, how to again forget the ritual the Wild Black Crows Toledo when they do haka, that if that was motivante, imagines that this happened in real life in the stage of the Black Crows of Mazatl¡n, Incredible no? Then we are soon after being present at a unique event since the possibility that exists Black Crows take life in Mexico.

The truth, was to be expected an action of this type having so many elements with which a great business can be done, from the T-shirts with the names of the players to the creative publicity that is lent to arrive from a very organic way at the public, one of the elements most important to manage to make an excellent publicity is the acceptance of the public, and Black Crows or count on this acceptance since the statistics of Netflix indicate that she was one of the seen series the more in history, some elements that reinforce this strategy went inviting to sportsmen and real narrators to the series, or gave an idea us of which this project could be a reality, is more, at some moments therefore it was perceived.

We are I aim to be present at one of the more impressive advertising strategies and with greater profit in Mexico, surely I say it since the series has arrived at people who are not even 100% fan of soccer and until the T-shirt of Black Crows they have bought, because Mazatl¡n has the opportunity to generate not only sales of T-shirts but also an increase in the tourism, imagines to you shouting in the stage of Mazatl¡n €œcrows incredible crows AAGGRHHH€ jajaja no? then this campaign already has it everything, has a Gimmick, has a club, has the interested investors, has to the brands to the expectation by a space in the most important T-shirt of crows and: it has a public captive who hopes with anxieties that this project consolidates.

Another one of the very important aspects that we must consider is the identity name brand that club of crows or generated, I am going to put an example that is going to bother to several of my friendly, the Necaxa club, memory that the arrival from this equipment to the city of Aguascalientes had an impact by halves, the great hidroc¡lida population or had to its favorite equipment, then when Aguascalientes was visited by America, Pumas or the Billy goats the stage practically painted of the colors of the equipment visitor why happen does this? Simple: identity name brand, so that my friendly do not get angry as much I must recognize to them that little by little Necaxa has gained identity in Aguascalientes but the process has been long and remembers that the time is money and Soccer in addition to passion and entertainment also is a business, the most profitable businesses are those than the ROI (investment return) returns as rapidly as possible and this one formula already has it well analyzed the investors who want to realise the project Black Crows of Mazatl¡n.

This one project enchants me by all the aspects that are involved as much advertising, cultural and creative we are soon after being present at a waste of advertising creativity that is going to us to surround in all the means that we know, as much traditional as the television and technological, this project includes to great part of the generations that consume, has been constructed meticulously to be a great business and as Walter Bazar says €œWhen the wings of the success are with the wind of the work, the bird of the success undertakes the flight€ Black Crows of Mazatl¡n is a project that already is flying, All We are Crows.

Charli Martell

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