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It is not connected newness that at present being has become practically a necessity, is a key piece in our day to day, the use of smartphones, tablets and portable computers it is so common at present that the brands must begin to direct their attention to the average digitalises, for those who not yet have done it I advise to them that they put more attention in the new forms and platforms in which the clients show interest to acquire some or or service.

Which is the first step to develop a campaign on Facebook?

You are not shamed if you do not know all the tools that to us this social network offers to create publicity and to promote our products or services, this content is developed thought about you businessman and/or entrepreneur that you look for to optimize and to potentialise all the resources as well as means and platforms that exist at the moment to take to your business to the following level. Next we will on Facebook see of general way some key points for the creation of a campaign:

  1. It identifies the commercial objectives of your business
  2. The pixel of Facebook implements
  3. A type of purchase chooses
  4. Pon much attention and assures to you that your commercial objective agrees with the advertising objective
  5. Who is your public goal? Identify it and you find out his needs and pains, it determines how you will arrive at them
  6. Selection of locations and analyzes the formats available
  7. Time of results! It measures the yield of your campaign in different platforms and devices.

A very common error that it is committed at the time of creating a campaign in FB is not to know in clearly which is our commercial and advertising objective, I I understand perfectly that when one undertakes (coverall) looks for to save in measurement of the possible thing, and the first place of where we trimmed budget is in the publicity because we thought that we can do it€¦ So complicated What can be to raise €œsomething€ Facebook? If it is something that we practically do all day€¦ this can get to be a so common thought that they would be surprised, are cases of success, clear that there are them, But really which is the real statistic of brands with successful campaigns that were programmed by €œsomebody€ that it did not have nor the most remote idea of what it was doing or €œmoving to him€.

The intention of this introduction is to give to emphasis in leaning of experts and professionals in this field of study, for that reason we prepared diverse subjects to share completely gratuitous material for you businessman and entrepreneur and in this way manages to have a ampler knowledge within the digital world, another question who we would have to be formulated at the time of planning your campaign on Facebook is, Who is my market, my public? He identifies if you wish to direct your announcements to existing public (that is to say for whom previously you do elaborated some campaign or if your public is completely new, really there is no good nor a bad one, the important thing is the content here that is due to prepare adequately to be given to the correct groups.

In order to measure the results of the campaign and of having a more precise criterion before letting die our experience in the digital world the KPI or indicators of key yield of your business is very important identifying so that on the basis of the metric ones thrown on the part of the administrator of announcements of Facebook to know the impact that is being had, or to directly see reflected it in sales in our premises or perhaps the increase of sales in your platform on line (e-commerce) or simply the positioning of your brand in the mind of your market puts.

The second important point after determining the commercial objectives is the use of pixel and SDK de Facebook, What are and how they work? Simple, we are speaking of fragments of code for your web site and app native for cellular of respective way that allows us to measure, to create and to optimize public for the advertising campaign, They work separately? The answer is yes, but without a doubt it is far better when we implemented them in stand for casks.

With the use of pixel and DSK we will optimize the delivery of the message to arrive at those people who have major probability of conducting a battle.

Which are your assets?

It reviews your assets and the data with which already accounts at the moment, remember that the content that is generated is a very important subject, previously to the content was known him as the KING, the times have changed and at present the CONTEXT is still more important that the content, To what I talk about with the context? The way to segment no longer is the same of before, olvid©monos of our public of a level half high economic partner and high, in a rank of age between 25 and 30 years, that lives in the geographic zone of the sank bank, etc€¦ now our pubic one has name, tastes, I interest, fear, doubts, feelings and experiences, defining the context we will be able to create an agreed content and completely customized for our campaign, the format to show the announcement can be adapted but the content no, to all we do not like the same so there is to review the content assets very well that we have at the moment developed.

Now we are ready for the auction!   

The form is something peculiar in which our announcements will arrive at our advertisers, the auction tries to integrate and to balance two factors:

  1. The generation of value for the advertisers
  2. To offer excellent and positive experiences to the users

The best way to obtain it is in an auction in which both concepts are represented, thus is as the advertisers arrive at the people who are interested in their announcements and the users will see something who really interest to them.

This type of auction is different from the auction model that all we know in which the one is winning from the major bids up monetary, here gains the one that generates the general value more stop.

The winning announcement is the one that has the total value more stop, this total value is not the amount that an advertiser is prepared to pay so that is the announcement, but the combination of three factors that represent in the following formula:

Famous the Funnels or funnels

You remember that the first point that we recommended to you was to determine the commercial objectives of your business? I hope that yes, because it is moment for putting it in practice, next I will present a subject to you that sounds much in our field and which probably you do not know absolutely €œFunnel marketing€, we exemplified it to you in a small graph:

Macintosh HD:Users:RELIEFMAC:Desktop:Screenshot 2019-06-11 to (s) the 11.49.11 a.m.png

Once understood this concept and identifying the stages of our funnel according to the commercial objectives we will be able to determine what objective advertising is most recommendable for our campaign.

  • If you look for the demand generation your objective is traffic or reproductions of video.
  • If what you want it is to catch clients I recommend generation to you of potential clients, conversions and facilities of app.
  • However if what you prefer it is to increase the cup of conversion by means of transactions is the objective of conversions, sales of the product catalogue and visits in the business.

You already know it, now is moment for sitting down to reconstruct a little the objectives, You don't create?

Until now what seemed to you this content? Still they lack some important points that you must know reason why we invited to you to that you follow kind of our social networks since we will continue sending more informative capsules with information that we know will be to you of much utility.

Thank you very much, until the next session!

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