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There are preparation of different forms to fulfill the knowledge that we must have and according to the movement of the platform, practically every month (or even most frequently) there is an update, a change in the interface, movements in the accounts of the clients which they did not happen before, movements in the invoicing and the investments, etc.

We take into account some important points that we considered that the clients and users must know at the time of which we recommended to them (or not) according to its turn, product/service, market and public puts, a direct monetary investment on Facebook.

How to cause that an advertising campaign works in facebook?


    in the announcement it is most important: it does not matter if you have the best product or service of market + million to invest to + perfect segmentation, if the image and the Copy of the announcement are not sufficiently good to fulfill the wished objective, mainly when you want to generate sales. The users sail too fast by feed of the news so the announcement must be showy so that they pause to see.

    All along it is necessary to experiment with different types from content: memes, short images, videos, long videos, computer graphics, titles, copys; since people have a time of very short interest in the things, so there is to generate of what speaking, to take advantage of subjects relevance for your content and until using viral subjects that they are related to take advantage of the moments that last.

  2. To realise BRANDING campaigns:

    To work in the image of your brand benefits more than you create, to few clients it interests this point to them since he is little credible or measurable the impact that was generated in particular in a user but, to only look for the sale without causing that the user becomes familiar with your brand and knows you, affects directly to if it dares to spend money in your company or no.


    Using with caution a good supply of your product or service it can help to that the user dares to trust and to realise the purchase, to ask for information or a meeting with your equipment of sales.

    It is not necessary to have supplies all along because it can affect in the perception of the client on the brand, is why one is due to use temporarily and with something the quite showy thing that generates the thorn in the client so that it conducts the battle which we want, it remembers that there is very many competition in any sector and is necessary to have an excellent differentiator and a strategy with experimentation margin.


    At present there are different tools that provide information to us of very many interest for marketing and is important that we do not let it escape.

    One of the aspects with greater importance in this point is what happens after the click in the announcement; we already have an excellent campaign of traffic, people is arriving, the announcements draw attention, and as soon as? We must have a destiny page that fulfills and so we needed, that says the truth and that it helps the user to solve the necessity that initially moved it when giving him click.

    If we wished that the click takes to our webpage and this one slow load, it does not take to the URL that says the announcement, loads many windows and generates a bad experience in the user, this it will finish leaving the page and it will be neither prospectus nor client for the brand.

    As it gets hold of is pleased us to fulfill the wished objectives of the client and in a case as previous the campaign fulfills all the necessary points but when the user leaves the page and the client does not buy anything thinks that the campaign does not serve because it does not generate what in fact all the clients want, that is to sell; or we have even had very successful campaigns where the point where the equipment of sales enters (the human part of the company) is the one that fails, does not answer the telephone or arrives at the branch of the store and they take care of them of bad way reason why it does not generate a enter the company either.

    So we recommended to review all the internal and external aspects to you that take from looking for your public goal until it has your product in its hands or contracts some (or many) of your services, that is to say, the experience, service life and process through which it passes the user.


    It is necessary to experience everything what we can! sometimes a client has super defined the ideal client for his company with all the characteristics, from interests, lifestyle and other details that fill the profile of the ideal client, but that changes at the time of campaigning advertising (mainly on Facebook).

    We say that you are a company whose ideal clients are businessmen of high level men (so that the example is clear, will be man), with interests in the reading, brand of luxurious automobiles and everything what you imagine that it is in the profile, you have studied it per years and when you segment your campaign you create the hearing with these characteristics and at the time of reviewing the results, the hearing with greater interaction in your campaign they are people with all the opposite characteristics than your you thought!

    This goes completely bound to the previous point (the user experience), can be that your ideal client fulfills that profile and he makes the decisions, but you did not put yourself to think that they are not those that Internet but its secretaries looks for in women, personal assistants (to fulfill the example), etc and they are those that carry out the task of looking for the product/service that they asked for to them and to them they are at whom we must arrive.

In conclusion we can say that:

There is no a unique strategy that always works, even with the same client and product/service, which worked a month to you can not work another one to you or it does not work to him to seemed clients, etc. Nevertheless you do not have to leave competition it gains your market, is necessary to fight every day to be in the mind of the user so that it always considers your product at the time of satisfying the necessity which your you fulfill

It always allows to experiment, you do not know the results that can have a test and the good that can be for your product/service to adapt your strategies to arrive at the objective. Everything changes, which today you like ta time before did not like you, so there is to be open to the changes.

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