In the last months I have been a little but wide-awake and conscious the situation that we lived in the planet at issue environmental, and being honest, it worries to me that we ourself we are causing this.

Memory that sometimes in the university, a professor mentioned a phrase as (nonmemory the exact words), €œthe designers we are the guilty of the generation of as much trash€. 😨😐

And perhaps it sounded a little extremist, but I consider that yes it has a little truth. Simply during my classes, when we had pre deliveries or revisions, they were batteries and batteries of paper that finished in the trash. At the end of the semestral one the amount of paper and materials was impressive that finished without a use.

Reading a little, I found the following concept: ecodise±o.

This term we can understand later to apply it in our activities as designers.

Ecodise±o is not only in charge of the functionality and the aesthetic one of an object, but also it considers the environmental impact, and this impact depends on several factors, as they can be the raw material, the process and the end item.

As peculiar data, not so peculiar, 80% of the product environmental impact (objects, services or infrastructures) it is defined in the first stages of design (Design Council), he is by which is very important to consider this from the planning of a project.

When we began conceptualizar a product, we can take into account the following thing:

To reduce materials

This talks about to realise the product with optimized amounts of materials and energies. 

To think towards the future

To think about the materials of our product and to detect which of them are those that could have one €œsecond life€, reusing them or recycle them. 

To use materials €œsaw€

The materials €œsaw€, are those that to a large extent have a natural origin, €˜organic€™ or usually they are made with organic products, and therefore they are degraded or they recycle without needing human processes.

Long life

To make the longest possible life utility of our product, of this form will not be necessary to replace it or to replace it in a small period.

Multifunctional product

To think about our €œmultifunctional€ product as, that is to say, to multiply its possibilities of use, for example, a chair that of some form can be doubled so that it becomes a small table, in this case would act two as. 

Perhaps, these points can go towards the €œindustrialist€ or of products, and not as much of the graphical side, nevertheless, as graphical designer, I consider that we can remove the best benefit from average digitalises, as they can be strategies in social networks, websites, or simply be more wide-awake on all our processes. 

Or why no, to investigate which is the final destination of our designs and to be related to people more than they are dedicated to an area different from ours and of this form, to have a different point of view, we can learn new information and even have other possibilities.

I consider that little by little we can take into account these points and to begin with small actions that can reduce the track that we left in the planet and, very important, not to forget to us the great responsibility that we have in our hands on the impact which we can generate.

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