Businessman, which you had breakfast is going to influence in the decisions that today you will take.

Brain and food

The today recommendation is going to be very different from the previous ones that there are publishing, I consider that the subject that we are going to touch today is key for the success or failure of the businesses.

What you would think if it told you that what you had breakfast it is going to influence in the decisions that you will take in the day?

I believe that this one news is not surprise, that had not only been as evident as until now, sailing by YouTube in my free time I was with documentary €œthe Our brain is what we eat clearly€, I am going away them to share in this publication and if you are businessman or enterprising you are forced to see it, really forced! Why he is crucial to improve this aspect in our lives.

In agreement the documentary one related scientific facts verified as it influences the food in our thoughts were as if all those experiments had been realised in my jajaja, often we thought that most important that we must do they are the slopes that concern to our businesses or undertakings, clear that they are important issues but the feeding could help you to exponenciar the results that delays in your business, imagine to sell the double by the simple fact of being more creative at the time of you approach your clients, thus is:  

€œWhat it happens through our head also depends on the content of our plate€

Documentary €œOur Brain is what We eat€

Concepts as: think it and materialize it, the power of your thoughts and all those phrases that already you know are not new ideas, which seems to me really interesting is how to stimulate of natural way these thoughts so that our life changes completely.

I share my experience to you, throughout the 2019 I detected that the days more productive than I had were when it made the decision to have a variable breakfast, mainly with seeds and rich foods in fatty acids and fruits, the businesses occurred me very well during the day, generated new ideas to carry out tasks in smaller time, my creativity and brain was to the 100, opposite case when chose to repeat my diet during several weeks where always the same had breakfast and it did not worry to me to integrate new foods eaten, was to hope that the result of those days always was the same: fatigue, mental laziness and I believe that the most important point and thus I decided to share my experience to you and the documentary one is: The CREATIVITY and taking of risks.

The most impressive when seeing this documentary thing was to give account me that the foods could be influencing in the decision makings, I even believe that I have verified it several times throughout the last year, in the days that my feeding was not good, made less dangerous decisions and with an afrhelp attitude to which could happen, the thoughts, in its majority were of uncertainty as and if it fails this idea? Unlike the days where my feeding was varied, the questions and thoughts that it had not were focused in banal questions if not to resolution of problems, €œif this idea fails I can make it work with this other€ whole is transformed in creativity and how our brain faces the problematic ones, but all this comes from the simple decision of a variable feeding.  

One has demonstrated for the first time scientifically that our feeding can influence our thoughts, and the thoughts are everything in the world of the undertaking, the feeding is the vehicle to connect the motivation and disposition to run risks.

You do not let pass a day without seeing this documentary one more, could change your way to see the things, to make better decisions, to take a full life of thoughts that approach to you but your goal, and to reinforce that idea €œThink-to do€ I hope serves so much to you as:

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