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The news are flooded of two subjects in particular, just declared pandemic by virus COVID-19 and crisis economic global that we faced from this same problem and of war by price of crude that declared Russia to Saudi Arabia, obvious is situation alarming for all the nations and by way in that market of goods and services is being affected, although in Mexico €œnot yet there is as much crisis€ by the Coronavirus (according to they say the corresponding authorities) later that early we will face a chaotic situation, does this how affect to us as brand? In the days of crisis the Mexican lamentably lacks control and order, example of it the recent situation that had in the country with desabasto of fuel and the famous purchases of panic, 15 days ago it announced at national level the 3 first confirmed cases of people infected with this virus, and what happened? the people already were becoming a glut in the supermarkets to buy until the last antibacterial gel what caused desabasto of this, covers material mouths and products among others to prevent this disease, and this it is mainly the problem, the changes in the consumption habits and an important alteration in the purchase priorities.

In other countries as preventive method we have seen some technical unemployments on the part of the industrial sector, suspension of classes in the halls and of workings in the office, taking the classes in line and working from house under the scheme of home office, these have been some measures that have adopted countries in the European Union and in the Asian giant in which more cases have appeared and practically they are in group of forty, all this type of action without place to doubt harm the economy of the country although they are measured to safeguard the integrity of its inhabitants and to try to contain in problematic measurement of possible this global thing, but what provides to us in Mexico? Apparently our government is very carefree and indicate that he does not have because to be alarmed and that everything is under control, independent of our interests and political affiliation personally I believe that this situation is being taken very lightly and as society neither as government we are ready nor preparations to fight thus with a situation when it arrives at a red center since it has appeared in other countries.

The uncertainty that is perceived in the world is well-known, the great industries have restrained their investments before the imminent chaos which according to they foretell is about to arrive at the end of this month from March at our country, I can sound something dramatic and perhaps it is exaggerating but it is very important that we are preparations, will be a clear cut in the budget on the part of companies and dice the doubt atmosphere will have a retraction as far as the marketing strategies, that is to say that will be afrhelp to invest and are going to prefer in emergency to keep that money for any type, this at first is an intelligent option although also we have been witnesses whom before any crisis the opportunities arrive, we must take advantage of the time and the resources to leave well armed our model of business, in Aguascalientes for example the government of the State by means of the Secretary of Desarrollo Econ³mico (SEDEC) has been finishing few days sending for some calls for the promotion to the growth of ideas and dedicated server hosting businesses as much of entrepreneurs as of micro businessmen, this that really is helpful since it allows us to capitalize and to reorganize a little our plan of businesses having an external support, in this case on the part of the government, while a state of emergency is not declared we must obvious continue generating and reactivating the local economy taking the necessary measures of prevention as much in the aspect from salubrity as in economic matter.

He makes two different clients few days approached in our office of Aguascalientes with the intention to take his project Web thanks to the fact that recently they had received a support of government on the part of the dependency indicated above, putting in front a little to the situation decided to prepare itself, to structure all their idea of business and to be ready before any emergency which I consider an excellent decision since we do not know with certainty how much this chaos lasts and how long our enterprising project or the growth of our micro and/or small business could get to be unemployed for that reason it is that if at the moment is counted on the support on the part of government and is options on the table I recommend are taken without doubting, we are living a time in that we cannot occur the luxury to less now waste this type of opportunities and with as much confusion and fear to what will happen.

It would not want to touch sensible subjects nor to put to me in political debates, we respected any inclination and ideology but we are honest€¦ our government at the moment has left very many what to wish, has been incompetent before these last news and that is affecting to us and debilitating day with day, we needed to explore new markets and to turn around to see towards diverse niches of market, to detect new opportunities and to fit to our products and services to satisfy other desires and needs that never we perhaps imagined we would get to include, are strategies of survival in this fragile economy in which we were at the moment, I really hope that all this does not get to be as drastic as I write up it here, that soon is one vaccine to this disease, that the economy becomes to reactivate and it becomes stabilized but so far we must be preparations before any event, to take as reference which already is happening in other countries and to adopt the actions that they take to end to see what we can talk back.

The recommendation is not to fall in panic, to be informed than it happens in Mexico and in the world but to try that this information comes from diverse real sources, is too much disinformation and fake news in Internet and mainly in the social networks reason why it is very important that the source is official and of confidence and even so fodder that the means will continue altering or €œmaking up€ the content, but good this is important to be conscious there than we with a rescue plan happen outside and to have a pursuit of the situation, another important recommendation is to begin to structure the plan B, C and those that follows to him, not to have left but to only see the possibility search several options it exceeds what to do in case Mexico is seen still more affected by everything what it is happening and finally to take advantage of all this type opportunities as far as supports and incentives on the part of the most important government and of everything, not to stop being present until the last minute.

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