Home Office it is possible!

Of so many changes appearing anywhere in the world and from one day to the next, a necessity has taken control at this moment working from house. For some people in other cities this already is a very normal situation, whereas for others it can be something complicated obtaining to adapt. It does not matter if it beams from a coffee, a Co-working or from your house, where it is it is possible! 

Nevertheless, it is important to consider certain points to have a Home successful Office, for that reason I want to share with you the following tips to cause that your adaptation to work at home is much more easy to you:

To maintain to you in constant communication with your equipment

To know which are the tasks of each member of the equipment and the priorities of the day. If you have a task that has relation with another companion, call to him so that she is more direct the communication and thus you avoid to omit some detail or indication. Equipment communicates to your what you did, that you did not do and very important, exaggerates with the clarity of your messages. It is better than all understand where they go and where they are, to that there are doubts.

The USA chats

To use the mail to transmit information to some companion can cause that he is slower and not so effective, for that reason, it is far better to use applications of instantaneous mail as Whatsapp so that you can give and receive immediate and clear messages.

Good Ten dates of defined deliveries

It is very important that you know when they will be the dates of revision and deliveries of your projects, so that you can be advancing little by little and you are not yourself forced to do everything a day before the final date.

Salt of the bed

To work from your bed can be very tempting, but in fact, it is a very great error. Salt of the bed and accommodates your writing-desk in a space that helps you, with good illumination, a comfortable chair, until you can decorate it with things that inspire to you and they help you to concentrate to you.

In the personnel, I like much that the space in that I am working smells rich and is ventilated, ah! and I cannot need music.

Fix to you

Although you are in your house, tomato the time to bathe, to change to you to you and not to work in pajamas. This will help to change your attitude you and will improve your productivity. 

First 10 minutes of the day to organize your day

In the morning that first that you do is to define which are your tasks of the day and their priority, as well as the time that you consider for each of them. Of base in this, one will take control easy to divide your day to you much more in required times so that you fulfill your goals. To organize from your morning will clarify your panorama to you. What she helps me more is to write in paper, but other people decide on applications or calendars, as are that she accommodates to you, but organize your day. 

She prioritizes your tasks

This really has changed my form to advance with my priorities. It defines which are the tasks of your day that are more important and than you must fulfill before others. For example, to the most important task of your day, the one that you think will take more time or is done you more complicated, you do it to the first hour and advances everything what you can. If beams your more difficult task at the home of the day, you will be able to finish the other fast and easy much more. 

Clean your space

It tries that the space where you are is clean, with the necessary thing so that you can work, thus, when you begin your work you do not pause to go from a side to another one by things that need to you.

It works simultaneously in a thing

It tries to focus to you in making only one thing simultaneously. Until you finish one, continuous with that they follow. Often it happens to us that to be of €œmultitask€ trying to make several things at the same time, only we crushed ourselves and we finished without doing them correctly or until we must spend more time later correcting the errors. 

Ten hour good established

It structures your rest and working hours. Discipline you to fulfill them, imagine to you that these in the office, and you do not have the opportunity to make ls tasks of your house, these you will be able to do them when your labor schedule finishes.

I hope that these tips are of help, if you think that they lack some important ones will enchant to me to read your commentary and also to know if you applied them and they worked to you, you do not doubt in sharing it!

If you think about everything what you must do, you crush yourself. If you think about the only thing of this moment, you advance.

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