To be in Google could save your business

Businessmen and entrepreneurs welcomes when webinar, I congratulate them to be united to this session of completely gratuitous learning, my name is Carlos Martell, and I will be its adviser today, when finalizing webinar will be able to unload the listing of directories who will help us to position us in the first results search in Google.

It subject of the positioning in Google is the one that more importance we must give him today, since all the potential companies, businessmen, entrepreneurs and clients will be in Internet, is expected an increase from the 50 to 70% in the Internet use by the situation in which we were.

As enterprising we must turn difficulty situations into growth opportunities and this is an excellent opportunity to give an impulse to our company, I I consider that the most important impulse for a company is to obtain the first position in Google.

You do not worry to take notes throughout this webinar, when finalizing I will send a copy to your mail so that you can consult the subjects that we will see next.

I promise to you and I guarantee that if you follow the steps that next I am going to you to share you will be able to increase your sales of exponential way, I say it with confidence so that he is something that we experimented, we positioned our agency with the keyword of the service that we sell more and not only we positioned it in 1 city, if not in 3 of the main regions of the zone the West of the country:

The steps are simple and the intention is the following one;
If you are businessman and you have an equipment that works for you, this webinar it is going to serve to you so that you know what to ask to them or to demand to them to achieve this objective, that is the natural positioning in Google.

If you are enterprising, this is the definitive and verified guide of how obtaining it.
If nonaccounts with a webpage, you do not worry, in the end you will receive a bonus so that you can apply the strategies that we will see next.

Before home I want that you know me, I am Carlos Martell I hope in positioning and design with more than 13 years of experience I have received the national recognition on the part of national week of the entrepreneur as one of the 10 companies with greater impact in 2017, am founding Co of Relief agency Web and Design, gets hold of positioned in the first places search in Google, winner of prizes of graphical design as the Poster of the Feria Nacional of San Marcos 2013 among others projects, I have participated and helped more than 1500 businessmen and entrepreneurs in subjects of design, positioning and increase of sales by Internet, this one it is an excellent opportunity so that you manage to increase your visibility in google and that is translated in sales, therefore greater entrance and expansion of your business.

I am going to share with you 3 strategies nails to take your business to the first results search in Google with the aim of increasing sales or attracting visits.

I want to begin with an analogy:

The value of the properties in the real context is determined by very specific variables that they determine whatever could cost real estate, the first variable is the immovable value, talking with one of our clients explained that the value of its property is of 4 million weights, that to us is what is worth the building or the premises nevertheless the commercial value are over the 16 million weights since beneficiary of the other 2 variables sees itself: location, is in one of the main avenues of the city and people affluence, these variables have a close relationship and determine what we called commercial value then, in Internet is exactly the same, the commercial value of your business will be certain based on your position and the people who visit your webpage, and that is translated in sales.

The first strategy that we go to you approach has by name link building.

One is to construct a liaison net that aims towards your website, now I put an example to you, we finished working a very important page for the sector of the construction when the project concludes we asked our client if it allows us to place a connection in his website that takes towards ours, then this is a link follow of quality, while more links take towards our webpage, major opportunity to obtain positioning we will have, is as a recommendation of our client to google to indicate to him that our page is important and would have to be in the first results.

The amount matters, but it matters plus the quality,
You are going to ask to me, Carlos, but I do not make webpages How I am going to secure quality connections towards my website?
The answer is simple, is necessary to create a BLOG.

Within the blog we will begin to write articles related to the services and products that you offer, Which is the trick? To construct to a called network €œtopic cluster€ where we will have a central subject as main article, this article is going to connect to our Home Page.

Interchange of publications or €œGuest posting€

It is an excellent strategy, is to locate quality blogs, for this we are going to use a called tool bar MOZ that will give indicating on the quality of the blog or a webpage us where we want to realise publications.

It is important that the blog where you are going to publish or to make the interchange has thematic similars with your turn, I am going to give a very good example you than we realised for our page:

We contacted ourselves with an agency of France that develops logos, they count on a blog with better qualification than the one of us, the important thing is to make an honest deal with them so that we can realise the interchange.

Having acceded it is important that the connections do not take to the section of home, rather must take to publications of our blog, remembers that or we have topic cluster then is going to arrive a new connection at our publication and this will give the first push him, the second pushes is the internal liaison that or we programmed, then we are speaking that our strategy or takes 2 pushes that are translated in greater force and increase of quality in the authority of our domain.

Also you can collaborate in columns for collaborative newspapers, for example Globedia.

It remembers that when you finish realising your publication it you can share in social networks and facebook, in groups of related entrepreneurs or to your turn.

Announce you in the directories

they are very easy to find them and these they are going to give amount to us of links, we will not obtain as much quality nevertheless we will obtain amount that is an excellent factor, for this strategy is not battled much, it only writes your keyword and it begins to identify as directory they are appearing in the first results, vetoes registering in each of them, I am going to you here to facilitate a list where we h have registered, you can unload it visited the following link:

I am going to you to pass a strategy more aggressive than it is to spy on the links of your competitors so that you can generate the same links that they already have and to see in what directory they are registered, we will use the gratuitous tool of Ahrefs. It uses the keyword backlink to checker, it enters the URL of your near competitor who already well is positioned and locates in what directory you can register the URL of your company.

What demonstrated to you in this course they are the tools that you must be using constantly to impel your business, it remembers but it remembers that a designed good webpage, of professional way projects confidence and is going to be a key factor in the decision making of the client.

If you already have a webpage and these not obtaining results, send the URL to us to make a diagnosis completely free.
If not yet accounts with a site, take this opportunity: By this occasion we have only created a package that includes a professional website, with form of contact, chat online, adapted to movable devices and with the section of BLOG so that you can implement the strategies to obtain the positioning that you look for.

My recommendation is that you do not waste time in trying to design, this part leaves it into the hands of experts since the time at this moment is money and the time inverted in trying to design something could much more be expensive that if a professional realises it, in addition will be your letter of presentation before your clients.

To focus you in the really important thing to arrive at the first places of Google.

If you need an e commerce contacts to us by email or it visits our Web and we take care of you in the chat.

The only thing that we required is the text that would like that your webpage took you, remembers that

The strategy is real, the world already changed, your business is due to adapt today.

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